Thursday, November 19, 2009


This whole transition thing has got me all in a tizzy. I wonder sometimes why my lesson seems never to be learned!!! Or does it continue to morph into a new lesson I need to learn. A good friend told me the other day, (when I was fretting over my business and how I was going to make ends meet, la la blah, blah, and all that...) that I must stop fretting and think happy thoughts (not exactly in those words but something like that). What she was referring to was manifestation. I know all this and am a firm believer in that you plant a seed, water it a bit now and then, and it usally grows. I have seen this first hand, with my businesses. I also know that it is hard to think those happy thoughts when stress has you in its grips! I mentioned in another post that I had seen an akashic soul reader (they read the life and purpose of your soul in your lifetimes) I had asked her when it would be time to see her again. She said what she read that day had opened it up to the universe and I would know when it was time again to see her. Hmmmmm, very cryptic! But now I see that the ideas that came forth during that reading have now begun to manifest. I had ideas and plans but no pathway for them to present themselves. Since then, people have come forward and a meager path has been created. Did I do that by myself? Is it magic? Coincidence? Whatever it is and how it came to be, my ideas are sprouting leaves. I do continue to search for that portal to the next transition, the next phase in my life. I know it is nearby if I keep my eyes and heart open. And all else will fall away that is not necessary. I know it is never easy. Even the outgrown people, ideals, dreams were once my truest companions. But they have grown stale and outgrown their purpose. Or maybe they have transitioned into something new that is right in front of me and I have yet to recognize. Letting go is always hard. I am the first to admit I hang on till the bitter end, hoping it's not so for any particular "dead or dying" thing in my life. But they have to go. Room has to be made for the new that is trying to sprout under all the debris, like the smallest saplings in the deep forest. And maybe, just maybe, (because I can't let go of certain outgrown or dying things), just maybe when room is made for the new, that new light that is created can feed that "certain thing" and bring it back to life, in new form, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.