Friday, March 5, 2010

Divine Light

"When you act from the highest, you will not only feel the delight of such a connection but others will be uplifted in your presence and get a hit of their own Divine light."

I am reading The Abundance Book again (third time) and while meditating on one of the passages today, an understanding about the light of the spirit came to me so deeply that I began to cry. Not out of sadness, but out of understanding. A very dear friend told me many years ago that I "shine". When I would tell him of events that I was at and that I engaged people with my constant stories and joking around, he would always tell me, "Of course they were engaged, you have this shine about you."

Recently I had a reading with an akashic soul reader and saw her again at another event. I bought her book and she signed it for me, saying "You are a great light. Enjoy the journey." Now, I do not mean to imply that I am this wonderful, delightful person (although I really hope that I can be most times!). More that I have finally realized that the light of spirit, of God within or whatever name you want to use (higher power, spirit, etc.)has always resided within each of us. We are all we need in life. Abundance, prosperity, goodness, wholeness, spirit, etc., are all within us to tap into always.

Sometimes we are the last people to know how greatly we shine, how strong our spirits are. So I cried today. I cried for the realization. I cried for the many years I have searched for something, anything, that would make me better, make the pain go away, dissuade the fears that consumed me. I cried for all the relationships that came and went, all of the struggle within those relationships because we are always looking to blame someone else. Now I know that each of us has our baggage, our own fears, wants, desires. And I also know that mine is mine and yours is yours. I do not have to impose my "issues" on you, hoping to alleviate the pain. You are not the cause and you are not the answer.

I cried because knowing what I know now, those relationships didn't have to go away. Then again, maybe they did. Because growth occurred. Growth occurred this morning when I accepted my own bright light. It took many years, but I learned the lesson from that friend, who saw a part of me that I could not. And I thanked my dear friend who no longer is a part of my life. I am very grateful. I hope my light is shining bright enough for them to see and be uplifted and find their own Divine Light.