Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010...Bring it on!!!

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities." Janos Arnay That is my goal for 2010. Oh, I know, easier said than done. Or, how the heck does that have any bearing on what is going on and what does that even mean? I was talking with a friend in the store yesterday. He has been bugging me to create a picture for my website and what I want it to look like. Easier said than done. Firstly, I have no money to create a new website. Secondly, that requires me to to have an idea of where I want to go, which for me means, what do I want to be when I grow up. And in a way, I DO know what I want to be when I grow up, and what I want that place to look like. It's just getting there that has me baffled. I guess that is a good thing. while my head is still behaving as if it is on crack, all else is quiet. My thoughts are racing but my path is oblivious to me. Being that I like to always be in control of everything in my life, I am so NOT in control right now and I have begun releasing my hold and control on something I never had in my control to begin with. First of all, the recession has left me with no answers for anything. me and all my fellow merchants on the street are struggling just to keep our doors open. I, or they, have done nothing different, haven't behaved in any way that would keep customers away, and yet, we are all baffled as to what has happened, and how to proceed. I thought I had all the answers, but alas, I have NO answers. So.....I have decided that this is a good place to begin for 2010. I heard myself making all kinds of excuses to my friend yesterday for why I had not made a plan, list, whatever, for where I thought I might want to start. That is definitely NOT me. I make a plan and move forward till the project is done. I always have. So why is now different? Well, nothing at all makes sense anymore so I have decided to just LET GO. No choice but to. "Om Nams Narayani", a mantra I have found that means, "I surrender to the Divine." It comes to basically thinking happy thoughts and all will be well. In a very very simplistic way that is correct. I just have to know that all will be well, that I will move ahead and be fine, that all the seeds I have planted, if only in my head, will sprout and fruit. I know they will. They always have. Another friend who is a life coach, gave 4 friends a list to fill out before our meeting with her. it is all based on the laws of attraction. Think about the following and how you would complete the following lists: Master Dream List - Imagine what you want your life to be, that all your dreams have come true. What does that look like? Emotional Dream List - How will you feel living in your idea future? Relationship and Family Dream List - Describe your ideal loving relationship. What qualities are you looking for in all your relationships? How would you live? What would you do with them? Career and Financial Dream List - What would it feel like working at your ideal career with all your monetary dreams and goals realized? Social Dream List - What does socially successful mean to you? What contributions would you make to the world. Physical Dream List - What does it look like to be fit, healthy and totally enjoying being your physical self? Mental Dream List - What would you like to creatively develop and express? What do you want to learn? Spiritual Dream List - What spiritual, ethical and evolutionary state do you desire? What inspires you to be the best you can be? I have just drawn a picture of my website for 2010. It has arrows and dotted lines and lots of text. I have just drawn a map. Rudimentary, yes, but the first step to getting me where I know I will be. I know what it feels like to be there. But I have just began paving the road that will get me where I already am in the deepest part of my soul. I have created the lists above. They aren't complete, they are just a beginning. Below is a quote I found years ago, that is one of many in a folder I keep and continue to add to. Funny, my son gifted me with the book this quote comes from, just this Christmas. There are no coincidences. "You will touch mud and it will become a lotus. You will be able to become an alchemist. But it is possible only through great awakening of intelligence, great awakening of the heart." Osho, excerpted from The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha 2010: Can't wait to see what enfolds.....bring it on!