Saturday, January 9, 2010

And another I'd like to bring on this year - love, love, love. Oh, not just this year but always. But if I state it, from now on, say it, say the words, it shall be! Last November, we had a poetry reading at Baubo's Garden ( It was a sexy reading of love, lust and lingerie! Below is a poem written by one of the poets that nite. I love it and thought it is a "bring it on" poem. Enjoy! And Bring on that Love This Year!!!!! Love, Like Heavy Equipment Speak the language of love using the terms your love understands. You light up my life Not neon bright Fluorescent white No halogen or LEDs tonight More like a Vector™ twin–beam spotlight with the 3-million candlepower of 12V, H3 series halogens powered by two 12V, 6 Amp per hour rechargeable batteries armed with a 3–position power selection switch hands-on or hands–free cord or cordless choose the illumination. You’re hot Not tropical spot sun hot or Thai spicy hot or flaming campfire hot More like a 750,000 BTU Portable Propane Torch whose power jet burners melt ice, incinerate tree stumps with a 100-lb. propane cylinder flame-control trigger valve UL listed gas hose aluminum extender tube and instructions. I feel your power Not triple-A battery power Or solar panel power More like the Dyna™ 20,000 Watt, 35 HP Generator with a 3600 RPM engine producing 83 Amps 120/240 volts at home, on the job and two-year limited warranty. You push my buttons Not dainty satin buttons Or hotline phone buttons More like buttons on a 2.4 Volt, 2–speed cordless screwdriver, Model# 6547–1, 6–position adjustable clutch; 3.5 to 26 in. per pound of torque adjustable for tight spots forward/reverse forward/reverse with battery, charger, bit set and impact–resistant carrying case. We fit together Not just brush-up-against together Not simply puzzle-piece together More like Lovejoy™ Standard Half Couplings that mount your engine to pump with 11.16 horsepower synthetic rubber inserts between the coupling halves one fits the motor one fits the pump shaft 194 inches per pound: the torque’s max. And Baby, you’re always “on.” Emily Thornton Calvo