Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wisdom of the Eternal Consciousness

A customer came in today and as we worked together, she told me of her and her husband's quest to trace their genealogy. In that discussion she talked about her grandmother and the need to get all the information down before she passed to the next world. She also told me of her father's passing a few months back and how the timing of his death coincided with putting all of his "ducks in a row". Everything he wanted to take care of was taken care of within hours of his sudden passing. Somehow he "knew". And his family was lucky to be there to witness his passing by singing to him as he crossed over.

It reminded me of my father in law's passing a month ago and how the whole family was there to witness his death. However, there were quite a few that could not be present in the room but chose to stay in another room. They were afraid of death, of this unknown. But Wally had his way and in his last moments was able to create laughter in the room instead of deep sorrow as he mumbled something from his deep unconsciousness that sounded like "F---You". It made us laugh as we knew this is what he always said in times of trouble and uneasiness. His heart had already stopped beating but his bodily functions were still playing themselves out. He "knew" and he spoke from beyond, or what this lady today spoke of as eternal consciousness.

There is more that is out there than what we can see with the naked eye. Our loved ones are still with us beyond their passing as long as we believe. The other night, Wally came to me in my dream. He was sitting with family. Either my niece or my son was sitting on his lap (they were younger than they are now). He and I were talking like we always did until I realized that this could not be happening because he was dead. I said "this isn't real-you aren't here anymore. How can I be talking to you." He responded with "If you believe, then I am here talking to you. If not, then I am not here". And with that he started to fade away. I didn't want him to go so I said, "I believe!" And he came back.

His words were not just telling me to believe in his presence. His words were much broader in context. He was saying if I believe, then anything is possible. Even if it isn't within our sights, our grasp, but just an idea or thought, as long as you believe in it, then it exists and it is available. Each time I tell this dream, I well up with deep emotion. Not just for Wally, but in the larger concept that he was trying to get me to understand. I've always known this but needed a loved one to tell me from beyond the grave. Obviously, I would not accept this and needed the dream state to deliver the message to me through a kind, loving man.

I do believe. I believe there is a collective unconscious that we can tap into at any time for help, information, support. I also now believe that there is also an eternal consciousness that is much larger as it is sustained by everyone who has gone before us. And it is there to tap into at any time. It is unconditional love, it is kindness, it is wisdom. Yes, I Believe.