Monday, January 10, 2011

My Birthday Wish

Okay, I know it's cheesy to post something about my birthday. Everyone will call or email or text and wish me a happy day. But that's not what I'm feeling. Besides, at my age, it is time to STOP celebrating! I wish the years would stop etching lines in my face and coloring my hair without my permission. I really wish I could stop the belly pooch from growing!

But all complaining aside, and I'm not really complaining, I've kind of come to grips with my age and all that comes with it.

My wish is to explore all the ideas that keep popping into my brain. Honest to God, I have never experienced so much neuron activity in my life! It feels like my brain is on speed! And a nice glass of red wine does NOT stop the incessant , continual brain banter.
But on the other hand, it is very exciting to finally know what it is I wish to explore and be okay with it. We hear about enlightenment and being awakened. I've realized that I have had enlightened moments many times. I just didn't trust them. Time like when I feel like everything is the best it can be and there is only hope and happy thoughts and the incredible feeling that I can do anything and that all of those anythings WILL happen.
Those visions motivate action. And any action I take moves me forward. A radical awakening is defined as a shift in self awareness, when you know you are limitless, and able to intuit the real potential in life. Have you been here? I have. Many times. And now I am greedy. I want more of those feelings.

I am the source of all that lies within, growing, feeling, soon to be birthed and nurtured.
I don't take for granted the moments that drop in my lap, like a conversation with a customer that leads to a potential for participation in an amazing project. There is a reason that conversation happened.

For years, I was told that I hopped around from one job, one project, one idea, to another. I guess maybe I did. But it is what was pulling me at those moments and I took the leap of faith, the chance to explore many different paths, experiences.
I am reading The Translucent Revolution by Arjuna Ardagh, and I found myself in the book. It said translucents enjoy creating and letting go of identities, which I have done countless times.

Ardagh says translucence is people who are waking up over and over and experiencing a deeper presence and purpose, a greater sense of joy, new found selflessness and deeper compassion.

Sounds good to me! So I wish myself more of that type of experience, more compassion and love for myself and those around me, and a heck of a lot more fun! Happy Birthday to ME!