Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Oh to write again.....

Oh, to write again.
It has been far to, far too, very far away too, too long that the creative spark has left my barren brain, only to be replaced by this academic alien.  I don't know this alien.  I like her but don't really know from where she came, or even where she is going.

She wants to write a book.  Herbert Gretz is the man she will write about.  She has notes and notes in her iPhone, in her scattered notebooks, in her mind...somewhere....between stats and hypothesis, autism and job development.  Somewhere in this pile of muck lay her creative soul, asleep, yet she awakes in fits, to pen a point
that popped into head, or she stole from a conversation at work and school.

I will write that book.  After I take a test, and do the research that will lead to academic publishing.  What?  Peer reviewed?  I remember peer review was what happened in my youth.  They would look at me and tell me what they thought - my peers - mean as it was back then.  Because I wanted more.  I sought more.  More than my mother, my siblings; more than I imagined was more that was wanted.

Oh, to write again.  Oh, the tale I will tell.  If only I could get past the cork in my brain.  I feel it coming back.  Oh, to write again.  It will be joyous.

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